Arabesque Tile 2017

There are certain styles that are always relevant inside the design plans of particular designers, architects and their clients. In my opinion, a Moorish theme and the accompanying use of Arabesque Tile 2017 is one of those styles. No one does this better than Country Floors, and all the imagery in this post are via this iconic brand as part of their Moresque Tile Collection.

Arabesque Tile 2017

This is how they describe this collection, “An exquisite assemblage of stylized interlocking arabesque patterns and intricate mosaics of enduring beauty and ancient American craftsmanship. Suitable for interior wall and light traffic floor applications, as well as commercial interior wall applications. Moresque’s majestic decorative tiles come along with various shapes and sizes of field tile, trim and architectural moldings”, and who am I to argue with such an astute appraisal.

Arabesque Tile 2017

The history of the Arabesque shape requires far more space than the gods of the internet allow this humble poster. However, Wikipedia serves this up, “Arabesques are a fundamental element of Islamic art but they develop what was already a long tradition by the coming of Islam. The past and current usage of the term in respect of European art can only be described as confused and inconsistent. Some Western arabesques derive from Islamic art, but others are closely based on Ancient Roman decorations. In the West they are essentially found in the decorative arts, but because of the generally non-figurative nature of Islamic art, arabesque decoration is there often a very prominent element in the most significant works, and plays a large part in the decoration of architecture.”

In conclusion, this shape and style has continuous traction in the hospitality space in particular, and amongst its many devotees in general. As always, thanks for reading. Text me at 305.986.1046 for any conversation on this topic that you might want to have.

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