Modern Mosaics

The history of mosaics is that of an artisanal art form that has walked in lockstep with the history of civilized man. Always helpful, our partners in knowledge at Wikipedia give us a basic definition that  will allow us to understand modern mosaics: “A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is often used in decorative art or as interior decoration”.

Modern mosaics

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As with much of history, not all timeline details are entirely agreed upon. However, we are safe to cite the period as 3000 BC and the place as Mesopotamia for the easy starting reference points for mosaics. It is also simple to observe the significance they played  in cultural applications, particularly in both Islamic and Christian art.  This authenticity of design has withstood the test of time as illustrated by the image above from the Basilica of Santa Pudenziana in Rome, c. 410 AD.

Modern mosaics


Fast forward now to 2017 and we find a wonderful group of artists at, who have some fairly unique capabilities. At the top of this post is their interpretation, in the form of reproduction art, of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”. Immediately above is  a faith based piece, also from their site, and then another example of reproduction art below.

Moderm mosaics


Where this taking us, is to the understanding that modern mosaics are no longer institutionalized public art. To the contrary, this art form is now readily available to the savvy consumer at price points that were previously unaffordable for most.

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