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I have spent almost four decades in the stone, tile, glass, construction and technology spaces. Sales, marketing, operations and business development, both internationally and domestically, have all been part of the ride.
4 10, 2017

Geometric Tile Shapes

2019-06-10T17:39:20+00:00By |Design Trends, Mosaics|

Design plans featuring Geometric Tile Shapes are making a strong statement. I personally believe they always have been on the scene but we, nevertheless, found something from the UK that was quite intriguing. House Beautiful - UK offered this to us: [...]

27 09, 2017

Modern Farmhouse Design 2017

2020-05-11T15:05:14+00:00By |Design Trends|

As I think of Modern Farmhouse Design 2017 there is an interesting aspect to the term “modern farmhouse”. If you take both “modern”and “farmhouse”as nouns rather than “modern” modifying “farmhouse”as an adjective, your design plan expands exponentially. One of my go-to [...]

14 09, 2017

Modern Mosaics

2017-09-14T15:23:31+00:00By |Design Trends, Mosaics|

The history of mosaics is that of an artisanal art form that has walked in lockstep with the history of civilized man. Always helpful, our partners in knowledge at Wikipedia give us a basic definition that  will allow us to [...]

26 08, 2017

Trends in Green

2017-08-26T07:54:36+00:00By |Design Trends, designing with color|

I recently discovered the proper appreciation for a translucent green color value. Working through my thoughts on trends in green, took me to an old and trusted source of inspiration, www.etsy.com. There, I found  a robust seller from Irvine, California offering green agate [...]