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I have spent almost four decades in the stone, tile, glass, construction and technology spaces. Sales, marketing, operations and business development, both internationally and domestically, have all been part of the ride.
25 06, 2017

Tudor Style

2017-06-25T08:40:38+00:00By |architecture, Tudor Style|

Any meaningful conversation about Tudor Style begins with a certain amount of era definition. This period in history is associated with the House of Tudor, which is generally accepted as the 16th Century in England. The more than iconic Henry [...]

2 06, 2017

Delft Tile

2017-06-02T09:26:39+00:00By |ceramic tile, Delft Tile|

Situated between Rotterdam and The Hague, the Dutch city of Delft has a long political history through its association with the House of Orange and a significant cultural past .That wonderful past is amply evidenced by the great painter, Johannes [...]