The old joke is….”what is Thanksgiving called in England”?  The clever answer being: “Thursday”. That is, in general, globally true. Be that is it may, tomorrow is my personal favorite in terms of holidays. There are a wide variety of reasons for this, but given the big four of Fall, Football, Food, and Family who can fault the Thanksgiving aficionados? Since this is a Stone & Tile site, let’s tie the holiday and the season to country patterns in tile that are indicative of both.

Country Patterns in tile

via Country Floors

Ceramic tile is an interesting medium for quite a few reasons. The word “ceramics” is loosely derived from the Greek, “keramos”. The product is typically composed of clay and fired in a kiln in a process roughly similar to that of pottery. Here is what I have always found intriguing. This material, that is born in a fire, can take on both a cool and a warm personality. Imagine the hygienic, crisp walls of a medical facility for a glimpse of the cool. Now take a look at the imagery in this post for the warm, friendly country personality.

Country Patterns in Tile

via Country Floors

Founded in 1964, the brand known as Country Floors has a well-deserved reputation as a resource for products that drive a country feel. They have kindly provided the imagery in this post from their Novelda Collection. In this case, we have elected to focus on patterns more oriented towards a floral design plan. However, there are many other options available for the professional designer and the astute homeowner to explore in their pursuit of country patterns in tile. In conclusion, Happy Thanksgiving and text me if you need me at 305.986.1046.