Minimalism has long appealed to me for reasons that, even through the lengthening tunnel of time, are still unclear. Is it the lack of clutter? The easy, unbroken visuals in subtle color themes? The lack of ornamentation that seems to focus your thoughts more keenly? Whatever, the personal reasons here are  a few thoughts on Minimalism in Tile & Stone for your consideration this Fall.

Minimalism in Tile & Stone

via Marble Systems – “Silver Clouds

While researching this post, I stumbled upon a website that I had never visited before. Trust me when I say that Highsnobiety was a revelation.  In particular, I read a brilliant piece by Melissa Harrison on Minimalist Architecture. She opened with this, “Minimalism has become the style du jour and the ultimate buzzword. Whether applied to architecture, interior design, furniture, product design, fashion or lifestyle choices, it summons images of the sleek and refined – and usually the expensively sleek and refined, at that.” Take look at the image at the top of this post for a sense minimalist look and feel overall.

Minimalism in Tile & Stone

via Marble Systems – “Metro

In order to move towards our topic, Minimalism in Tile & Stone, I turned to Marble Systems and my old friend Margie Mederos. The product mix this vendor offers is broad and deep and features many fine examples of minimalism and how a discerning design team can use them in real world settings.

via Marble Systems – “Vecchio Cemento

Certainly, tile and stone alone cannot convey the complexity of Minimalism. However, I hope you agree that the imagery in the body of this post indicate materials that will help contribute in a very meaningful manner. Thanks for reading!