As I think of Modern Farmhouse Design 2017 there is an interesting aspect to the term “modern farmhouse”. If you take both “modern”and “farmhouse”as nouns rather than “modern” modifying “farmhouse”as an adjective, your design plan expands exponentially.

One of my go-to sites for commentary is Apartment Therapy. Recently a post on this topic by Julia Brenner caught my eye when she said that “the look is at once humble, welcoming, polished and cheerful. It’s like your grandma’s house, if your grandma was incredibly stylish”. Now that is as good a simple summary on this style as I have ever read or heard.

At the top of this post is an evocative image from the “elves” at Mercury Mosaics. They always seem to come through with interesting takes on almost every conceivable  use of ceramic tile and this image is no different. In this case, note the cool insertion of bubble shaped material into the otherwise basic backsplash.

Now let’s go back to the Apartment Therapy post where Ms. Brenner offers a virtual check list for a Modern Farmhouse design plan. Let me paraphrase and edit her ideas a bit while offering full credit to her fine work:

– this trend is inspired by mid-19th century farmhouses in rural settings.
– think of keeping clean and crisp minimalist lines that still bring warmth to the space.
– consider extreme contrast in color schemes where whites and blacks, for example, are bouncing off natural elements like reclaimed wood.
– raw and industrial mediums such as iron pipe and repurposed materials will not fail you.

Modern Farmhouse Design 2017

via Mercury Mosaics

This has been a fun post to write….many thanks to Mercury Mosaics as always. Thanks for reading.