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Terracotta 2017

Terracotta, can be very easily defined as “baked earth”, and has a history dating back centuries. The typical uses over time have included tiles, mosaics, potteries of all types, roof tiles, drainage pipes and more. The body is usually relatively porous and may have been literally baked in the sun or fired in a kiln. [...]

Geometric Tile Shapes

Design plans featuring Geometric Tile Shapes are making a strong statement. I personally believe they always have been on the scene but we, nevertheless, found something from the UK that was quite intriguing. House Beautiful - UK offered this to us: “Ditch the metro tiles – geometrics and more intricate designs are here! Squares and rectangles [...]

Modern Farmhouse Design 2017

As I think of Modern Farmhouse Design 2017 there is an interesting aspect to the term “modern farmhouse”. If you take both “modern”and “farmhouse”as nouns rather than “modern” modifying “farmhouse”as an adjective, your design plan expands exponentially. One of my go-to sites for commentary is Apartment Therapy. Recently a post on this topic by Julia Brenner [...]

Design Trends|

CERSAIE International Tile Exhibition

September has brought more than just football and fall to the international tile and stone community. This week, in Bologna, Italy, an event known as the CERSAIE International Tile Exhibition opens. In the words of the event organizers, “in 2017, for its 35th edition, Cersaie has chosen to have two different images in order to draw attention [...]

Stone as a Building Material

Stonehenge. The word conjures up images of Neolithic monuments constructed by the ancients for purposes we still have yet to completely decipher. NewGrange. Spirals etched as a design into monoliths the origins of which are still a mystery - just so the movements of the sun could be measured. Man has always utilized stone as [...]

Modern Mosaics

The history of mosaics is that of an artisanal art form that has walked in lockstep with the history of civilized man. Always helpful, our partners in knowledge at Wikipedia give us a basic definition that  will allow us to understand modern mosaics: "A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the [...]

Vein Cut Travertine 2017

Interior designers and architects are consistently challenged with finding the right solutions to bring their client’s vision to life. It’s not just color, patterns, finish and materials; it’s also about textural elements that anchor the overall design. In natural stone flooring, the right “cut” is a part of this matrix. So here is a bit [...]

Trends in Green

I recently discovered the proper appreciation for a translucent green color value. Working through my thoughts on trends in green, took me to an old and trusted source of inspiration, There, I found  a robust seller from Irvine, California offering green agate coasters, as shown below and at the top of this post. via Etsy [...]

Navy is Now in 2017

Navy is Now in 2017 as a functioning colorway solving a variety of design issues. The always astute goes so far as to say, "thanks to 2017’s design trends, another color is ready to mix up your neutral color palate. Navy is here and there’s no stopping it."  Given that sentiment let's cover this color [...]

Tudor Style

Any meaningful conversation about Tudor Style begins with a certain amount of era definition. This period in history is associated with the House of Tudor, which is generally accepted as the 16th Century in England. The more than iconic Henry VIII is the unchallenged towering figure of the period as seen below. In current culture, [...]